Choosing the Best 6×8 Car Speakers

THE 6×8 speakers comes with one of the best components ever. The good thing about these types of speakers is that they do are among the favorites of car owners, go through this review and see for yourself, why the 6×8 speakers is among the most favor.

It is a fact that an average car is shipped with low quality speakers, which you should replace without any hassle for enjoying real music. For this purpose, you need a set of speakers of an apt size. If you wish for ‘one size fits all’ kind set, 6 x 8 speakers are certainly the choice of a majority of car owners.

The best 6×8 speakers models have a higher power handling capacity than any set of lower size, ranging from 140 to 300W, which is adequate for several owners.

Unlike the OEM speakers featuring low quality materials and low cost, 6 x 8 car speakers come with construction materials of higher quality and enhanced clarity, depth, as well as your car’s stereo sound. These models are lighter in weight and have everything for delivering an extraordinary experience which is incredible.

6x8 speakers

The quality of surround sound and sensitive motor engineered for optimal performance appeal to several audiophiles who really cannot drive without rocking tunes.

Most models come with decent bass level, tweeters of high frequency, woofers of low frequency, midrange drivers, and least or no distortion even at very loud play, all together forming up a versatile combo for excellent music of any kind. 6 x 8 speakers are usually found in Chrysler, Mazda, and Ford.

Factors to Consider When Buying 6×8 Speakers

Type: There are two options for you: Coaxial (full range) or Component. Coaxial ones are more popular for their affordability as well as ease of installation. However, a coaxial one has a single drive due to which all frequencies is released from a single place.

This also means possible loss of several frequencies in translation and consequent lack of detail and clarity. These issues are eliminated with the use of a high-quality component speaker pair.

In such a set, there are different speakers such as woofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters having their own driver. This means each driver has its own frequency range, ensuring flawless clarity and fuller sound environment.

Frequency Range: This indicates the low and high range of frequencies at which the sound is released by that specific model. Measured in Hertz (Hz), the range is always stated as low – high, for instance, 30 – 30,000 (30k) Hz. It is recommended choosing a model with broader frequency range for precise clarity. The average frequency range on offer by 6 x 8 speakers is usually from 45 to 20,000 Watts and above. Usually, these models sold at cheap rates.

Power Handling: This refers to the amount of power that the speaker can tackle and run at. For this, there are two ratings to consider: Peak /MAX as the power dealt with in short bursts and RMS as the power tackled incessantly. Obviously, RMS is more significant to check out.

Sensitivity: This indicates the amount of sound given out at the power extracted from the amplifier. Experts always suggest choosing a unit with higher sensitivity, as that is what is responsible for more efficiency by consuming less power. A model with high sensitivity is required for a lower powered stereo and vice-versa.

Crossovers: Always consider a model that has a crossover as its component. The external crossovers are essential for minimizing distortion.

Woofer: This need to be made using high quality materials, as they contribute to the responsiveness and model’s quality. It is suggest using a stiffer as well as lighter material for its cone for more effectiveness. Of all materials, polypropylene is widely used.

However, woven fabrics like Kevlar are also preferred. In high end speakers, aluminum and titanium are also preferable. Even woofer surround should be made of materials that are durable and high performing ones, as they contribute to better sound.  Usually, rubber is the most commonly used material for the surrounds.

Top Three Best 6 x 8 Car Speakers

Rockford R168X2 Prime 6 x 8 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2:

Rockford R168X2 Prime 6 x 8 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2

This is a good choice for those who like hard-hitting basses. It comes with rubber surround, vacuum polypropylene cone, integrated crossover, and silk dome flush mounted tweeter.

Sensitivity: 87 dB, Peak: 220 watts, RMS: 110 watts, Frequency Range: 51 – 20,000 Hz

Pros: Impressive sound, clarity at high volume, easy to install, affordable

Cons: No mounting software, lacks a bit bass

Pioneer TS-A6885R 6″ x 8″ 4-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers:

Pioneer TS-A6885R 6x8 4-Way TS Series Coaxial Car Speakers

With this one, you will enjoy hearing clear vocals, unique bass lines, and thick guitar riffs smoothly, efficiently, and precisely. It comes with multilayer mica matrix cone, lightweight elastic polymer surround, and heat-resistant voice coil wire.

Sensitivity: 90 dB, Peak: 350 watts, RMS: 60 watts, Frequency Range: 31 – 42,000 Hz

Pros: Great highs, punchy bass, deep mids, easy to install, crystal clear voice, good without amplifier

Cons: Bit fuzzy bass under 250Hz

Kicker 11ds682 6×8 Component Speaker W20mm Twt:

Kicker 11ds682 6x8 Component Speaker W20mm Twt

This one makes your car a musical room for anyone. It comes with polyester foam surrounds, polypropylene woofers fitting even in several 5 x 7 mounts. It also has titanium tweeters and two external crossovers.

Sensitivity: 90 dB, Peak: 90 watts, RMS: 45 watts, Frequency Range: 40 – 21,000 Hz

Pros: Crisp highs, ideal mid range, adjustable crossover, easy to install

Cons: Not so spectacular bass.