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Component speakers are the best way to improve the sound in your car. They are more expensive than coaxial speakers, but they offer a much better quality sound. The reason why component speakers are better is that the woofer and tweeter are separate devices. Today, I will be reviewing the top seven (7) rated and best 6.5 car speakers.

Keep in mind that woofers responsible for low range frequencies and the tweeter is in charge of high frequencies. Simply said, these are opposite devices, so they should be divided. Thanks to these speakers, you get less distortion, higher bass, and better sound quality in general.

best 6.5 car speakers

As aforementioned, component car speakers are expensive, so don’t expect to get the best units for a low price. On the other side, the level of sound quality is going to be amazing. The best choice is 6.5 inches speakers. They require less space, but they offer great quality of sound.

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We have tested some of the most popular car speakers of this type in order to determine which one is the best. However, you can test them by yourself. We paid attention to the: power ratings, design, level of quality, reviews, and of course, the price. If you do this alone, we recommend using the same criteria.

Best 6.5″ Component Car Speakers.

Today, I decided to review the best 6.5 component speakers, to help anyone who would love to upgrade the sound of their car’s stereo.

The truth is this, replacing your car speakers with a pair of 6.5″ component car speakers is about, one of the most excellent ways to improve the quality of music in your car.

However, if you decided that buying the best 6.5 component car speakers is easy, then you’re in for a long ride of trial and error. Choosing the best 6.5 car speakers won’t be an easy job, since there are more than 300 6.5 car speakers, and here is why you need to read this. We will be showing you after we have tested various 6.5 component car speakers, the best that has the following qualities:

  1. Cheap 6.5 car speakers.
  2. Best 6.5 component car speakers with quality sound.
  3. Bass Selection.

Take note that a good set of component speakers will give you access to increase the volume and clarity while decreasing distortion, and even add a little more bass to your system. Do note that this is also referred to as “separates”, component speakers are built and comes with two separate speakers that produce different ranges of frequencies and sounds.

Also note that the woofer, also known as the larger speaker, are created in such a way, that it produces the lower to mid-range frequencies while the tweeter, which is the smaller of the two speakers, is built to covers the very high range frequencies and noises.

Note that the reason why the 6.5 car speaker system is great, is that separating the tweeter and woofer allows for clearer sound with less distortion and gives you the best audio sound you’ve ever known.

I know, the next question you might want to know, or eager to learn about is this:

What are the Best 6.5″ Component Car Speakers for 2021?

Note that we have been dealers and have done extensive research on car speakers, and using the combination of our knowledge and first-hand experience in this field with different brands’ products, below is the list of top 6.5″ component speakers of 2021 for your car.

The main reason why this article is written, is to ease you the pain of trying this products out yourself, or going through reviews after reviews. Note that this lists are non-biased and are based on a combination of performance, popularity, and prices.

After intense testing, we are able to provide you a list of the best 6.5 inches car speakers you can get today. In general, all speakers from the list are above average and they are perfect devices for sound enthusiasts. Anyway, the list looks like this:

List of the 7 Best 6.5 Car Speakers.

Hertz HSK 165XL $699.

hsk 165 xl - Hertz 6.5 2-Way Component Speakers

This is the best component speaker of this type on the market. It has the same characteristics and materials as the MLK 165, but it is more affordable. The woofer is HV 165 XL and the tweeter is the HT 28. Together, they offer the ultimate level of sound quality.

The crossover is made on the same way, so there are no drawbacks with this speaker. Keep in mind that Hertz makes perfect speakers, so you won’t make a mistake, by choosing their models. In addition, this speaker is perfect choice for people who want the best quality of the sound in their cars.

FOCAL PS165 $440

Focal PS 165 6.5 2-Way Component Speaker System

This speaker is made with the help of the latest technology. It is lightweight, but the level of quality is at the highest level. Most components are made from the Polyglass cone, and the frame is very strong, so it reduces the amount of vibrations.

Tweeters are made from high-quality aluminum. In addition, this speaker comes with 3, different crossovers, so you can adjust the quality of the sound.


jl audio zr650-csi review

This system has been engineered in Germany, so it comes with great features and high-quality. It also comes with Kurt Muller cones, alloy baskets and aluminum tweeters.

The tweeter has 5 different settings for attenuation. On the other side, with these speakers, you can customize the sound quality in 20 different ways. On the other side, this system is expensive.


rockford fosgate t2652-s review

This system is all about power. It comes with some of the latest additions, used in the manufacturing process, such as carbon and cones made from latest materials. All of this is important due to the fact this system guarantees the ultimate sound quality.

Tweeters are made from conventional aluminum (high-quality) and they offer 3 different settings. Even better, you can combine them with great crossovers, in order to get the best sound quality. Keep in mind that this is high-end system, so it offers great features.


XS-65 - Image Dynamics 6.5" 2-Way Component Speaker System

XS-65 – Image Dynamics 6.5″ 2-Way Component Speaker System

This system is beautifully made, and it isn’t black, which make it stand out of the crowd. The housing is made from fiberglass, which reduces the vibrations and makes the sound quality better.

Other materials, used in the production are ceramic fiber and cones made from Rohacell composite. In addition, the cones are isolated with rubber. Tweeters can be installed on the top of the cones, which make this system even better. It is a great system that comes at a low price.

JL AUDIO C5-650 $400

best jl audio c5-650 review

Kurt Müller suspension and the cones, great basket are just some features this system has to offer. On the other side, they have the latest cooling system, which make these speakers even better.

In addition, they offer 12 different adjustment settings, so you can customize them as you want. The best part, they are affordable.

POLK AUDIO DB6501 $110

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

This is the cheapest car speaker or system on our list of 6.5 car speakers, so it is perfect for the beginners. However, they offer a great sound and they are very durable and above all, affordable.

All of this makes this system more than just good. The best part, they are water resistant, so they can be used in situations that involve water.

Something about the criteria

In order to understand, how we tested these speakers, you should know more about the criteria. Here is the detailed explanation.


This criteria is very important. Simply said, it determines how much sound a speaker will provide from the power it gets. The higher is better in this case and makes a speaker better. Sound systems that have low power should use high sensitivity speakers. On the other side, systems with high power require speakers with lower sensitivity.

Range of frequencies

This measures how high and how low a speaker can emit frequencies.

Handling the Power

This criteria determines the amount of power a speaker requires and the amount of power it can handle. The RMS is the continuous power, or the power a speaker usually requires. The MAX (Peak) is the amount of power a speaker can handle in a short time. As you may know, the RMS is far more important. Giving more power to a speaker can cause the overheating or even permanent damage.

The surrounding of the woofer

The surrounding of the woofer is important and it should allow movement with the lowest amount of used energy. Cloth or foam is used in cheaper systems so it isn’t the best solution. On the other side, rubber is still the best way. Keep in mind that this component may get damaged after long use, so the quality of the sound will be reduced.


This criteria determines the quality of the sound. The better efficiency is achieved with light woofers. Polypropylene is the most common material, used for these components. However, titanium and aluminum are used as well.


This is the mandatory part of any package. It is designed to reduce the amount of distortion. They are very important components and they guarantee the best sound quality.